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    About Refrigerator Repair

    Refrigerators are mandatory electronic equipment in every home to store foods in the right way. If you are facing any technical issues with this undesirable machine, then it may affect your daily routine. We are an expert company in Mahabubnagr with skilled technicians to look into your refrigerator problems instantly and provide timely repairs to resume operations. Get in touch with our technicians who are available round the clock to extend support to our valuable customers with plenty of experience in the field.  Book an appointment via the enquiry section to help us serve you at your doorstep.

    Types of Refrigerator Repair Services offered by MaCool Technicians

    At Macool we handle all types of refrigerator-related problems by providing prompt assistance.

    1. Refrigerator’s Compressor Repair: A compressor is the critical functioning unit of the refrigerator and is susceptible to wear and tear. A few indications include a weird sound from the machine, an motor impromptu, and overheating of the system. Seek help from experienced technicians to handle the problems and fix them on time.
    1. Refrigerator’s Condensor Repair: The condenser coils are in charge of effective cooling of the system and with years of usage they are prone to damage. Dust tends to accumulate on the coil impacting the cooling capacity of the refrigerator. MA Cool Zone company works smartly to repair the condenser and resume normal operation.
    1. Coil Repair: We provide dedicated coil repairs by inspecting their condition and suggest replacement or repair increase the durability and performance of the fridge.
    1. Condenser Fan Motor Repair: The condenser fan motor is the indispensable unit that keeps the system running and is responsible for efficient cooling. Damage in the motor needs immediate replacement which is handled by our technical team like a pro.
    1. Evaporator’s Repair: An issue in the evaporator might lead to defrosting leading to a mess both in homes and workplaces. Cleaning the water consumes more effort and time. So get in touch with professionals at MA Cool to sort the issue at the earliest.
    1. Compressor Starters Repair: The motor of the unit passes the commands to the compressor for carrying out its operations. Issues with the compressor starter can affect the whole operation and require immediate attention. Our service professionals hold the right expertise to tackle the problems and give a permanent solution.

    Common Refrigerator Problems

    Due to the untiring working of refrigerators, they are easily prone to wear and tear with many problems popping up in the system affecting its regular operation..

    1. Refrigerator not cooling– Cooling is the important activity of the fridges to preserve the stored products. Check the coils and condensers for any dust if you experience such problem and clean it at home. However, for professional service reach out to our support team to fix an appointment with service man.
    2. Refrigerator not defrosting– A damaged thermostat can cause this problem affecting the defrost heater’s performance.
    3. Water leakage problem– A clog in the defrost drain is the basic cause for this problem. Inspect the defrost hose at the back side of the fridge and then seek help from professionals to sort it out.
    4. Refrigerator Making Noise– A problem in the motor or compressor could lead to weid sounds anywhere in the fridge.
    5. Compressor Problems– A compressor failure could be due to prolonged usage or dirty compresosr coils. Call experts from Ma Cool to do a thorough inspection and provide the right solution.
    6. Light not working– This can be due to power supply related issues or problem in the thermostat. Hire service professionals from our company to find out the actual cause and apply the permanent solution.
    7. Refrigerator not turning on– Issues in the PCB could trigger such problems and seeking help from industry trained professionals is crucial to resume normal functioning.
    8. Warm air entering the refrigerator– A problem with the compressor might be the root cause or even some other factor. So, better to seek help from experienced professionals to restore the cooling capacity of the system.


    You can book an appointment via the enquiry section on the MaCool Zone website or by calling their customer support team. They offer doorstep services to their customers.

    MaCool Zone offers a range of refrigerator repair services, including compressor repair, condenser repair, coil repair, condenser fan motor repair, evaporator repair, and compressor starters repair.

    MaCool Zone technicians can repair all types of refrigerators, including single-door fridges, double-door refrigerators, side by side refrigerators, and top mount refrigerators.

    Some common refrigerator problems include not cooling, not defrosting, water leakage, making noise, compressor problems, light not working, not turning on, and warm air entering the refrigerator.

    Some refrigerator problems can be fixed at home, such as cleaning the coils and condensers for cooling issues. However, for more complicated problems, it is best to seek help from experienced professionals like Ma Cool Zone technicians.

    Some common service areas are Jadcherla, Shadnagar, Balnagar, Rajapur, Achampet, Amangal, Kalwakurthy, Nagarkurnool, Bijinapally, Deverkadra, Vaddeman, Chintakunta, Atmakur, Kothakota, Pebber, Janampet, Makthal, Marikal, Narayanpet, Kosgi, Kodangal, Kulkacherla, Koilkonda, Boyenpally, Tankara, Maddhur, Wanaparthy, Ghanpura, and Kurumurthy in Mahabubnagar, Telangana.

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